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Our Success Story

MicroNutra Health™ continues to embrace the scientific harmony and basic truth of natural wholeness; and to show that these natural principles are the cornerstone of MicroNutra™ Health's unique products. We continue to advance some of the most exciting scientific discoveries in nutrition and cellular health in our millennium.

From day one our loyal customer infrastructure has been rapidly expanding all around the world. Today we are one of the world's most leading edge companies, while providing original evolutionary breakthroughs in both cellular health and orthomolecular nutrition.

The rationale is simply focused on the absolute allegiance to pioneering uniquely superior products that your entire family can trust.

Our Vision

MicroNutra Health™ is providing the world with progressive health products derived from the finest all-natural ingredients Mother Earth has to offer. We understand that by nurturing your ability to regenerate and replenish healthy new cells, that you will sustain a natural healthy life, and augment unprecedented vitality at every age. . . The story behind the MicroNutra Health™ Legacy is an exceptional one, conceived out of a unitary vision of eminent minds with their hearts in the right place.

It all began with the inspiration and genius of one soul, Dr. Linus Pauling, who devoted his entire life, along with his scientific research team, to conceive and develop the groundbreaking science of orthomolecular medicine. He noted that only a dozen atoms out of 10,000 in the molecule are different and that upon such small atoms man's health depends. MicroNutra Health™ shares this same vision after over 45 years of research we have discovered that the greatest advances arrive from attention to the smallest of details. When it comes to optimizing global health at the cellular level, orthomolecular nutrition is the solution. New science supports irrefutable evidence that by simply providing the body with targeted nutrients in the right place and in the right amount that even a molecule can make the difference between metabolic sustenance versus radical systemic imbalance. After thousands of patient trials across the United States in various clinics and wellness centers, MicroNutra Health™ was finally born and has now come of age for a new era of health and understanding. With the undeniable efficacy and phenomenal health benefits, our remarkable advancements have only been matched by our impeccable success.

Dr. Linus Pauling lived a humble and amazing life whose sole passion is to conjoin positive lasting change into the current practice of standard healthcare, to edify wellness, and stimulate higher thinking. In addition to the far reaching positive impact Dr. Linus Pauling's discoveries have had on world health, he is also acknowledged as a double Nobel Laureate, and will for ever be referred to as "The Father of Molecular Medicine". His spirit is eternally devoted entirely to helping make our world a healthier and happier place, a goal that is embodied in the MicroNutra Health™ mission statement: To encourage "healthy living and high thinking, and to share a spirit of common good among all peoples by teaching the empowering basis of their unity; health, liberty and happiness through wholeness and balance". MicroNutra™ Health's products are being successfully used by hundreds of health practitioners and clinics throughout the world, including Canada, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and the Middle East!

The MicroNutra Health™ and Wellness Network is the "New Cornerstone" of progressive and integrative medicine in our Millennium.

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We are Devoted . . .

to release humanity from our tri-fold suffering, biogenic deficiencies, pharmacological propaganda, and emotional ill balance . . .

to share with all peoples, honest knowledge of new scientific breakthroughs and alternative medicine for extraordinary life without drugs, hospitalization or toxic pharmacology . . .

to encourage "natural thinking and a higher quality of living", and to edify a common spirit of goodness and charity throughout the earth by embracing the dynamics of our oneness; extraordinary wellness, true freedom and lasting joy through sensitivity to the reality of natural principalities and social harmonies. . .

to exemplify the efficacy of natural over chemical, of nature over man. . .

to dedicating ourselves to the loftiest mode of Professional Ethics and to our Code of Altruistic Philosophies. . .

We are devoted to you and your loved ones' vibrant health and to wellness of our one and only Mother Earth.

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